Khazag "Hemington" Blackskull


The bloodthirstiest, meanest, saltiest, green skinnedest sea dog to sail the Briny Green Depths.

From the heart of the Orcish empire sailed the Dread Pirate Blackskull, for years he raided and pillaged until his sudden dissapearance in 1709 AO

Little is known what became of Captain Blackskull in the decade after his dissapearance, some speculated that he had been claimed by the Briny Green Depths like many an Orcen pirate before him, others still believe a cannonball directly into the side of his black skull left him a changed Orc, with new found interests in knitting, horology and historical reenactment, which lead to his crew to mutiny and leave their captain on a deserted island.

Whatever the story is, we may never know, what is known though is that Captain Blackskull found his way to a Zakhenkan monastery in the North, where he devoured their library (possibly literally) and began writing scholastic treatise on many subjects, particularly in the fields of ancient military and nautical warfare.

As Khazag quickly learnt, few institutions or scholars will give any credence to a scholar with such an obvious Orcen name, even less so when that name is the Dread Pirate Blackskull!  Khazag has quietly adopted the pseudonym Hemington to pen his musings, a fact that is for now a well kept secret in the world of academia, and doubly so in his old world of Piracy

Khazag "Hemington" Blackskull

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