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Welcome fellow MUGS,

I've set this up as a host for a Lexicon game for us.  It's a simple wiki, uses a WYSIWIG editor so you don't have to learn anything special to do basic edits and posts.  The only thing you will need to know how to do is how to create pages, and links between pages (which is essentially the same thing – you create a page by creating a link to a page that doesn't exist and clicking on it.).

You do this by typing the name of the new page inside double square brackets.  If you choose to edit this page you can see examples in the links below.

I've posted the rules for Lexicon at the page below and will keep this front page updated with the current game status.  I will also create some examples of play that can be referred to if you get confused.  

Game Pages

Moon Cursed – Being a history of lycanthropy in the Emerald Kingdom

Reference links

Rules of the Game
Wiki Language Reference


Main Page

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